Bringing Light into the Darkness

darkwater's mission

Darkwater will being the wonders of diving and the underwater world to as many people as possible by offering solid, affordable equipment, training and experience coupled with world leading documentaries and aquatic footage.

More than a dive shop.

Darkwater is not just a dive shop. Yes, OK we do sell gear, run dive courses and do trips. However this is not our bread and butter.


We are not looking for the "perfect" dive every time. We take on the toughest and most extreme environments in the most bizarre places just to see what is there!

So if you are looking for gear that is safe, proven and can handle tough conditions or if you want training to push your own limits and come back safely then THIS is the place for you!

What Are we?

Simply put Darkwater is an exploration company. We are about finding the hidden treasures of the world and helping people discover the wonders this planet and its past. To that end we provide the training, advice, equipment and opportunities for divers and non-divers to do just that. As well as publishing and promoting our findings online and in the media. There is almost no challenge we will not attempt.

Feature Project;


Darkwater began as an idea in 2004. A lot has changed since then. In 2009 Neil Gregory discovered flooded cave systems in Zambia, Africa. Over the next 2 years he would explore these caves and with some valuable assistance would locate previously unknown Archaeological sites. These discoveries and the rise of shows like Mythbusters, Time Team and others would lead to the idea of "Darkwater" as a show. Teaming with Blue Forest Media, Guns 4 hire, SEAMS & many others Darkwater Services has set out to change the face of diving, technical diving and cave diving.

It is important to remember that this has been done and tried before. Sadly the last successful attempt was by Jacque Cousteau. Since then nobody has really managed it. The Darkwater team is out to change that, dedicated people who think outside the box and excel at risk management. We aim to Bring light into the Darkness!

Changes in the wind;

Well it has been a killer first year in the current evolution of Darkwater Services. We have grown and there is even more to come with more exploration in Zambia, Vietnam and many other places. The introduction of "Vanguard" trips, a new exclusive trip allowing people to actively be part of some of the discoveries we make. Also we will see a major change to Darkwater with new divisions of "Expeditions", "Productions" and "Manufacturing"......plus the first boat

Feature Trip;


Bringing Light into the Darkness